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janeJane Lee Winter, CTIE, CTC — President of Town & Country Travel

Some call it a passion, others an addiction, but Jane Lee Winter, CTIE, President of Town & Country has an insatiable appetite for experiencing the world. She commonly refers to her work as a “calling” as she goes beyond just planning trips, but motivates and inspires people to get step of their routine and have hands-on engagements with different places and people in the world. She will stretch you to treat yourself to the best experience you can afford.

Jane Lee has been to more than 100 countries since her first passport was issued in 1976. Hundreds of trips to Europe, dozens of trips to Latin America, exciting explorations of China and South East Asia are beautiful marks on a glowing travel resume. The true pearl however, is Jane Lee’s “non-negotiable”  annual visit to Africa.  She and her husband Larry are passionate about the prolific wildlife and Botswana’s rich culture, and are always inspiring friends and clients delight in a safari experience.  Since 1991 Jane and Larry have returned every year with a focus on Botswana safari camps, making Jane Lee a highly sought after expert in the industry with this specialty.

Her biggest source of pride is the wonderful team that she has nurtured at Town & Country. Having a tight group of professionals who like each other, like their clients and love the world of travel is a great reason to jump out of bed every morning. If you work with any of our Vacation Planners at Town & Country you will also work indirectly with Jane Lee. She loves to put her handprint on all of the vacations planned in our office and teams closely with all of the staff to ensure a wonderful journey for her clients.

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